Benefits of Trike for old people and kids

8 Benefits of Riding a Trike for Adults and Kids

Trikes or tricycles have become increasingly famous in recent times due to their features and benefits. A trike has two wheels at the back as compared to one wheel of a bicycle. You may be hesitant in using a bicycle due to fear of falling over, but we are sure that after knowing all the benefits associated with riding a trike, you would be more interested in owning one. Today we are going to discuss the benefits of riding a trike

Benefits of Riding a Trike

Stability and Safety: Trikes are more stable as compared to bicycles. The reason is that they have two wheels at the back. Two wheels increase road grip, have an even center of gravity, and are resistant to tripping or flipping over. It does not steer off the track easily as compared to a bicycle. Trikes provide more grip while making sharp turns as compared to bicycles provided you make these turns at a slow speed. The third wheel added to trike also provides enhanced balance. People who have a problem while balancing a bicycle can ride a trike just like a breeze.

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Comfort: Trikes are more comfortable to ride. Since you do not have to bend over much while sitting on a trike, back pain is not an issue with trikes. The weight if the body is distributed in a large area as compared to a bicycle. This eases pressure on your back, hips, and pelvic bones. The seats are more comfortable as compared to conventional bicycles, and you can enjoy rides for a longer time.

Perfect Option for Adults and Disabled People: Adults who find it difficult to reach to the height of bicycle can ride a tricycle easily. They can get in and out of trikes without any hassles because of its low height. People with specific disabilities can also enjoy trike rides because trikes can be customized more as compared to bicycles. They can adjust the position of breaks, seat height and size, pedal length, and diameter according to their ease. A research paper published by the International Cycling Safety Conference held in 2013 further illustrated that tricycles are a very safe option for adults and people with disabilities, and the number of injuries reported on a tricycle is far less than the casualties reported on bicycles. Still you must check out our guide to tricycle safety tips. The injuries that happened on trikes are less severe as compared to wounds on a bicycle, provided the necessary safety precautions are ensured while riding a trike.

Ease of Carrying Goods: With trikes, you can carry a considerably more amount of your stuff as compared to a conventional bicycle. You can attach a bucket between the two wheels on the back. You can do grocery on the trike, go to a picnic nearby or travel to college by keeping your bag and other stuff in the cargo bucket. The cargo bucket does not impact the balance and stability of your trike.

Health Benefits: Any physical exercise has a lot of health benefits for your body and mind. Riding a trike ensures muscular health; it also takes away stress and depression from your mind. As you ride a trike, lower muscles move in different directions, which gives them strength and power. This makes your limbs stronger and helps you in your daily routine. Secondly, riding a tricycle is an outdoor activity; it helps you in getting fresh air and makes your mood pleasant. Cycling also helps in keeping many serious medical conditions away like diabetics and breathing problems.

Improved Nervous System: Trike rides improve your hand, eye, and mind coordination. You will have to apply brakes, change gears, change course, and keep a lookout for all the things in the surroundings. It makes your brain sharper and improves your reaction time.

Benefits for Kids

Benefits of Trike for kids

Getting your kids a trike is an excellent option. Please keep in mind that children above 3 years should ride a tricycle. Kids must not go out on roads alone until they can navigate the traffic on roads. Kids can reap the following benefits by riding trikes

Mind and Body Coordination: While riding a trike or a tricycle, kids learn to coordinate with their mind and body. They will automatically learn to adjust to their surroundings. It will help in nervous development and give kids better instincts.

Growth: Exercise helps in the physical growth of your children. You do not need to worry about the kids falling off from trikes as compared to bicycles. Trikes are fun to ride, and your kid will be motivated to spend more time on it.


There are a lot of benefits associated with riding a trike, but you need to make sure that you take proper security measures while riding one. Wear your helmet, ride at normal speed, navigate the roads carefully, and do not make sharp turns are some of the safety tips which will make your rides safe and risk-free.

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