Top 10 Hardtail mountain bikes

10 Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes: Under 500, 1000 and $1500

The first mountain bike was manufactured in the 1970s by Joe Breeze and he conceived the idea when mountain biking was already started as a sport in Northern California, USA.

The mountain bikes were not that comfortable at that time. Since the sport reached its fame, the mountain bikes have developed a great deal.

One of the most important factors that make mountain bikes more comfortable is the suspension system. Almost all of the mountain bikes come with a front suspension fork and that is what differentiates hard-tail mountain bikes from other mountain bikes.

The mountain bikes with a rigid or fixed rear frame with only front suspension fork are known as hardtail mountain bikes. Although, full-suspension bikes are also very popular these days it doesn’t mean the hardtail mountain bikes are no more useful.

Mountain bikes still have their own benefits that other bikes don’t offer. A biker can take advantage of their lightweight, cheaper price and they also save you maintenance time and money.

In this article, we are going to discuss the features of some bikes so that you can choose the best hardtail mountain bike that best suits your requirements. So, keep reading the article to make a confident decision.

Mountain Bikes Reviews

1. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Frame: Diamondback Bicycle comes with the aluminum frame which is sturdy and lightweight as compared to other materials. Diamondback offers a limited lifetime warranty on the frame if the bike remains with the original buyer.

Fork: It employs SR Suntour XCT 80mm suspension fork for an increased level of comfort and better control.

Drivetrain: It comes with Shimano 3×8 drivetrain components which give plenty of gearing combinations when climbing gradients.

Brakes: It features Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes which are more reliable and requires less maintenance.


This is a lightweight and sturdy bike to stand against the tough terrains. The ample gearing gives you an edge to climb the steep landscapes with ease. The design and components are all sturdy and reliable. This bike requires less maintenance.

2. Mongoose Switchback Kids Mountain Bikes

Frame: It features a Tectonic T1 aluminum frame which provides durability in lightweight. It allows you to go up and down the steeper landscapes easily.

Fork: It comes with Xposure 60mm travel fork that absorbs the impact of terrain.

8-Speed: It is an 8-speed bike that employs Shimano Tourney derailleur and shifters to shift the gear. 8-speed bikes are reliable when it’s time to encounter harsh terrains or to carry the load.

Brakes: It employs Mongoose mechanical disc brakes that provide excellent stopping whenever you need it.

Rims: It features double-wall rims of the wheels that give additional strength and durability.


This bike is also a sturdy bike like the previous one. It comes with wide tires that measure 20” x 2.1” to provide perfect traction. The fork helps to maintain control on bumpy terrains.

It is comparatively a smaller bike for kids from 4 to 5 feet tall.

3. Tbagem-Yjr Commuter City Hardtail Bike

Frame: This bike features a carbon steel material that is lightweight and sturdier. It gives better performance on tough terrains and can carry heavier loads than other materials. The frame helps absorb the shocks as well.

Brakes: It comes with dual mechanical disc brakes that help maintaining better control under all conditions. The brakes will provide timely stopping and provide good heat dissipation to improve the functioning of the breaks.

Handles: It features non-slip rubber handles that make your rides safer.


This bike is perfectly designed for mountain riding. It has an awesome as well as excellent performance. The dual disk brakes reduce the risk of brake failure and the study make-up makes it suitable for long-distance ridings.

It will save you money on maintenance.

4. Mongoose Argus Sport Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Frame: This bike comes with a frame made of Tectonic T2 aluminum which is more lightweight with greater strength to provide you comfortable rides on all kinds of terrains.

Drivetrain: It comes equipped with Shimano Deore Drivetrain with 10-speed which means it allows you to tackle the pedal resistance with 10 speeds.

Brakes: It features hydraulic disc brakes that require you to apply less pressure for stopping and provide better control with efficiency.

Tires: It employs large tires that measure 26” x 4.8” to provide better traction even on wet and sandy surfaces. It is good for all weather conditions.

Cable routing: It features internal cable routing that not only provides added protection but also gives a neat look.


This bike provides excellent traction with added protection which makes it suitable for off-road ridings. It is a great option to consider if you are planning to buy a mountain bike. The upgraded geometry will allow comfortable rides with lesser stress on the body.

5. BEIOU Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

Frame: BEIOU features a carbon body which is lightweight and has the best strength to weight ratio of any other material used for bikes.

Fork: It comes with UDING D1 / 26” hydraulic suspension fork that reacts to the roughness of the path while isolating the other parts of the bike. It means the rider won’t feel the bumps rather they would be dealt with by the suspension system itself.

Brakes: It features mechanical disc brakes with a G3 disc that controls the motion in case stopping is needed. This type of brakes doesn’t require much maintenance.

Rims: It comes equipped with RUITUO M200 ETRTO 559×19 rims that ensure durability and reliability on rough terrains.


This is an awesome mountain bike available under $1000. It delivers safe rides while maintaining the comfort and control level.

The hydraulic suspension reacts to the rough terrains to dampen the bumps and makes this bike ideal for people who end up with back pain after a ride. It is also good for long-distance rides.

6. Motobecane Fantom Mountain Bike

Frame: It comes with a hydroformed aluminum frame. Hydroforming is an advanced technology that efficiently turns metals into the desired shape. The frame of this bike with a tapered headtube is designed to provide greater strength, durability as well as style.

Fork: It features ThruAle Rockshox Recon Fork that comes with a people remote lockout. The function of the lockout is to lock the fork to eliminate travel that eventually reduces your stress when you are riding through even terrains.

Brake: It comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes which are more efficient than mechanical brakes and require comparatively lesser pressure on stopping.

Rims: It employs tubeless compatible rims manufactured by WTB using the TCS technology that ensures a lightweight setup with greater safety. You don’t need to put in a tube, Bronson 2.2 or Nano 2.1 tires are enough for the job.


This bike offers trail conquering rides because of the sturdy parts and efficient use of technology. It is one of the best among the bikes under $1000. If you have ridden this bike, you know what I mean but if you haven’t then you should think about getting one.

7. BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

Frame: This bike features the hardtail frame made of Toray T800 Carbon Fiber which increases the durability of the frame.

Fork: It employs UDING DH32 /26″ Air Suspension Fork which is comparatively a lighter weight suspension system as compared to the traditional suspension system and it reduces the pedaling effort when climbing hills. It also absorbs vibrations to ensure comfortable rides and increase the life of tires.

Brake: It employs SHIMANO M355 hydraulic disc brake which is comparatively more reliable and provides timely stopping with lesser pressure on the lever.


This ultralightweight mountain bike is a high-end performance bike with a 3×10 speed that allows for a variety of speeds to tackle all kinds of terrains with ease. This bike is preferred by professional bikers because of the lightweight and quality of its components.

8. New 2018 Diamondback Overdrive 2 29 Complete Mountain Bike

Frame: It comes with a durable frame made of aluminum which is light in weight but sturdy.

Fork: It features a RockShox Reba RL fork that shows great strength with 100mm travel. The measurement of travel tells how far a spring will go when compressed. A 100mm travel is good for rough terrains.

Drivetrain: It comes with SRAM NX/GX 1×11 drivetrain that allows for simple and efficient gear shifting to tackle challenging terrains.

Brakes: It employs Shimano Mt500 hydraulic disc brakes that are easy to apply and works best to stop the bike.


This mountain bike like other aluminum bikes is sturdy and strong. The drivetrain is reliable and simple with no complications which means it will require less maintenance.

This cross-country trail bike provides easy drive on rocky sections and other rough terrains due to the tubeless 29 inches wheels.

All in all, this is a good choice if you are looking for a bike under $1500.

9. SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

Frame: This bike employs a TORAY T800 Carbon fiber frame that makes up a lightweight bike with a unique strength.

Fort: It comes with SR Suntour fork with 100mm suspension travel. It provides comfortable rides with added control.

Drivetrain: It comes with Shimano M6000 Deore 3x10S Derailleur system that provides efficient gear shifting up to 30 gearing combinations. It enables you to trail effortlessly.

Brakes: It features the Shimano MT200 disc brake system which includes dual mechanical breaks that deliver powerful stopping mechanisms in case of emergency.

Tires: It is incorporated with continental tires that are ruggedly designed to perform with excellence in all conditions.


This is an amazing bike designed to provide excellent performance in multi-condition. This is another bike on our list with professional design and structure. It is strong and delivers optimal control while riding.

Above all, it is a cost-effective bike to the performance it delivers and works best for the price.

10. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike

Frame: Huffy Hardtail features a lightweight aluminum frame with a higher rolling momentum which makes speeding quick and easy.

Fork: It comes with Kilo 3200 suspension fork that absorbs the shocks to deliver comfortable rides.

Drivetrain: It employs all-Shimano drivetrain that offers 21 speeds with smoother gear shifting to make your rides more comfortable and stress less.

Tires: It is incorporated with oversized tires that deliver excellent performance when tackling rocky or muddy terrains. They can conquer any terrains with ease.

Brakes: It features linear-pull brakes that stop the bike by pressing the machined alloy rims and provide smooth stopping.


This is a good bike designed for people above 5’10” in height. It is backed by a limited 10-year frame warranty. It is reliable as well as durable. The size of tires ensures a comfortable experience on difficult terrains. It is a simple but performing bike.

Buying Guide

When you are looking for a hardtail mountain bike, there are few factors that you should consider. Please read the below guide to understand those factors well before making the decision.

Cost: First of all, you should consider how much you want to spend on a mountain bike. The Hardtail mountain bikes are available at different prices and their prices vary a lot. Some good bikes are available at cheaper prices as well.

Landscape: The landscape is also a factor that should be considered before making a purchase. What type of areas you are going to ride through is important because if your bike is not good enough to survive the challenges of the terrain then probably you won’t like the riding experience. There are bikes that are good for all kinds of terrains whereas some bikes are good for only even terrains.

Distance: There are bikes that are designed for long-distance riding while others are not. Bikes built for long-distance rides are comfortable but expensive as well. So, if you need a bike for short-distance rides than you know what to do.

Parts of The Bike

Frame: This is the most important part that you should be looking at a mountain bike. You will either find a carbon frame or aluminum frame in most of the bikes. Both are good but carbon frames seem to be more reliable than aluminum when you want a bike with high-end performance. Hard-tail Mountain bikes don’t come with rear suspension and therefore, frame not only keeps the whole lots of parts integrated and it provides support to the rider as well, so, but it should also be strong enough to conquer the challenging conditions.

Suspension: The hard-tail mountain bikes come with an only front suspension fork. The function of the suspension fork is to absorb the shock and bumps to ensure a comfortable riding experience. Hard-tail mountain bikes come without rear suspension and therefore, front suspension fork should be reliable and durable. It should be designed to ensure maximum comfort. The forks with higher suspension travel providers better rides.

Tires or wheels: For mountain bikes, the larger tires perform better. As you trail through rough terrain like muddy or rocky terrains, larger tires will push through easily without taking much of your effort. Tubeless tires are better for rough terrains.


What is the best hard-tail mountain bike?

We have discussed a few of them in different categories above. Please refer to the above article to get better acquainted.

Are hard-tail mountain bikes good?

Hard-tail mountain bikes are still being widely used by biking enthusiasts. It has its own pros and cons like other bikes. You can buy a hardtail mountain bike at a cheaper price and there will be comparatively lesser maintenance expenses afterward. Above all, hardtail mountain bikes provide all-purpose use.

Which bike is better, hardtail or full suspension?

The only thing that is comparable is the suspension system. Full suspension bikes come with front and rear suspension whereas hardtail employs only front fork suspension.

Full suspension bikes are more comfortable for people with back pain and they are champions of hard rides. On the other hand, hardtail bikes are comparatively lightweight, cheaper in price and require less maintenance. So, both have their pros and cons. It depends on what best suits you.

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