Doona Liki Trikes review

Doona Liki Trike S3 & S45 Review

Are you looking for a quality trike for your little ones? DoonaLiki Trikes are one of the best options for you to buy. There are a couple of models from Doona which are currently very famous due to their features, ease of use, durability, functionally, and economical price. These models are generally known as Doona S3 and Doona S5.

In this review, we are going to evaluate both these models and highlight their major features critically.

Doona – Liki Trike S3 – Grey Hound

Doona S3 Trike


S3 and S5 come with a foldable design which enhances portability. You can fold and unfold the trike in 5-10 seconds. The folded dimensions are the smallest as compared to other models available in the market. The dimensions of 32 x 60 x 23.3 centimeters reduce the space needed to adjust the trike in the back of your car. Now you can always travel with your baby’s trike without any worries of adjusting your other luggage. You can also adjust the trike in a plane’s overhead cabinet.

Steering System

Both the models come with a dual steering system; the parents can navigate the trike from push handle with ease. The push handle is big enough for comfortable steering and comes with soft foam, which is non-sticky in humid weather. As your child grows, the controls can be transferred to him with the help of the main steering. He will pedal and control the trike. This process helps in increasing the hand-eye coordination of your kids and helps in developing the nervous system.

Doona Liki Trike S5 – Nitro Black

Doona S5 Trike


S3 and S5 come with pedals made of high-quality plastic and grip mechanism. The anti-grip pedal cover ensures that the feet of your kids stay put in the pedals and do not slip while pedaling. This feature helps them to learn cycling faster.


Doona has not compromised on the safety of your kid in both the models. They come with a 5-point harness system keeping your little ones safe and free from the risk of falling while going through bumps or jerks. The side arms are put in place to enhance the protection. An anti-UV rays protection canopy ensures that extended exposure to sunlight does not harm the sensitive skin of your kids. They come with a comfortable seat and backrest which keeps the back and legs of your little ones relaxed and without any stress.

Construction Material

A rust-free aluminum frame, reinforced polymers, and high durability wheels come together to form a durable, reliable and long life trike for your children. Your kids are going to love it, and its durability will amaze you as well.

Age Suitability

S3 and S5 are suitable for kids in the age group of 10 months to 3 years. For kids 10-18 months old, it works in the parent mode, for 18-24 months, it is best if you remove the canopy and add a footrest for your kids and still control the trike from behind. After your kids get past 24 months, it can act as a tricycle for your kids.

Storage Space

One visible difference in S3 and S5 is the storage space. S3 comes with a small storage basket on the front side of the trike. It helps keep small toys for your kids. Both S3 and S5 have a storage bag at the backside of the trike when it is in parent mode. Such features increase functionality and versatility.


S3 has a combination of gray and black colors, whereas S5 is black in colors with a hint of gold on the handlebars. S5 also has a classy and attractive Liki monogram on the storage bag at the backside.

Our Opinion and Verdict

S3 and S5, both are quality trikes with maximum reliability and durability. S3 takes a slight in terms of a double storage facility and less price. We give S3 a rating of 9.5 out of 10 and S5 a rating of 9.

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