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Liberty Trike Review

Trikes are one of the most comfortable and most relaxed ways to get around in your vicinity without any hassles. Liberty Electric Trike has become very famous in recent times due to its features and ease of use. It is a perfect electric trike option for people of all ages and especially adults.

We will be reviewing Liberty Trike today, so you can make a wise decision about purchasing it.

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Some Quick Facts

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 400 lbs. (181 Kg) with cargo and rider
  • Top Speed: 12 mph (option to adjust speed as per user preference)
  • Motor Capacity: 750 Watts (front 16-inch Mag)
  • Charging Time: 3 hours (full charge)
  • Travel Range: 8-20 miles (depends on Total Load, Rider Input, Route, and Terrain Contingent)
  • Colors: 10 different colors
  • Tire Size: 16-inch by 2.5 inch at 35 PSI
  • Reverse Throttle: Yes (limited).

Now we will discuss the major features and other things about Liberty Electric Trike.

Who can use Liberty Trike, and for what purposes?

There is no specific target audience for liberty trike. Anyone who is looking for a comfortable way to get around, go to the office, shopping, to a park nearby, or visiting your friends in your area can rely on liberty trike confidently. Cover a distance of 8-20 miles effortlessly on your liberty trike.

How fast can the trike travel?

It can reach a top speed of 12 MPH. The pace is controlled by 5 different assist levels on the digital LCD. The battery speed does not create any resistance for the physical pedal speed created by pedaling.

What is the impact of weight, terrain, and input on the distance range?

The distance covered by your trike on battery power is directly impacted by the weight (rider and cargo) on the trike, top speed, and terrain you are covering on your trike. If you are traveling through inclined roads, the maximum distance covered will reduce because it will increase battery consumption.

Portability: One of the unique features of liberty trike is the portability. You can easily fold your trike and pack it up for traveling. The FAA also approves it, so you won’t have any issues getting air bound with your trike. The directions to assemble and dissemble come explained on the user manual along the trike.

Motor: Liberty offers a heavy-duty motor as compared to other trikes. The 750 watts motor gives your trike enough power to navigate the inclined roads and difficult terrains in your area. The pedaling facility gives you more power. The motor can take a 300 lb. rider up an 18% grade with moderate input without any hassle.

Throttle: You get a twist throttle with your liberty trike. You do not need to pedal up to start your trike. It also comes with a reverse throttle option for parking in tight spots. Please keep in mind that there is no beep sound while reversing. The twist throttle helps in getting power right when you need it on steep terrain.

handle, brakes and LCD

Brakes: It comes with a front disc brake and coastal rear brakes. Front disc brake makes it safer and reduces the time needed to stop. Disc brakes are more powerful as compared to other conventional brakes. Front disc brakes also have a power inhibitor that cuts direct power from the motor and makes it easy to stop the trike. Rear brakes are not needed in trikes due to skidding and flipping issues.

Pedal and Speed Mechanism: You can also pedal your trike along assist from the electric motor. This helps in taking your trike faster on inclined roads and saving battery as well.

LCD: The trike comes with an easy to read LCD with clear indications of battery life, speed, trip distance, and adjustable assist level. A fascinating feature on the LCD is the adjustable assist level. It helps you adjust the power of your trike according to the upcoming inclines and steeps on the road. The LCD is mounted on the handlebar, comes with a backlit and large text.

Wide Seat

Seat: The seat is comfortable and comes with a backrest. It is very relaxing for older people, and they won’t complain about back pain ever on liberty. It is a perfect option for older people to get around in the town. If you are planning to surprise your old man with a wonderful gift, liberty trike is an excellent option for you.

Cargo Basket: It comes with a spacious cargo basket on the rear side. You can easily do groceries on your trike and also keep a picnic basket in it and travel to the park in our area for a pleasant evening. The basket is mounted pretty low on the backside to make it secure. You can also opt for a front basket from the company. The dimensions of the basket are 17″ long x 14″ wide x 8″ high. It is made of steel wire.

Colors: Liberty Trike gives you the freedom to choose from 10 different colors.  You can select from red, teal, white, blue, purple, yellow, black, green, orange, and pink. Such a large variety of colors makes it easier for people of different age groups to select according to their choice.

Cost Review: The cost of liberty trike is low as compared to other trikes with the same features. Despite the upgrades in the latest model, the manufacturers have not hiked the price.

Sizing of Different Components: The sizing of all the components is made, keeping in view the recommended rider height (4’5″-6’1″). This height also covers the average American height for males and females. A detailed chart of all the heights is given here. (Insert official URL Here)

Construction Materials: All the materials used in the making are made of high-quality and are durable. The frame is made high tensile steel to give it more strength and durability. The seat post, handlebar, and stem are made of stainless steel. The handle grips are made of EBT rubber to give your hands comfortable while riding. The cranks are also made of steel, and the black-colored chain guard is made of alloy. The rear basket is made of steel wire coated with vinyl.

Weight: The weight of the trike is 56 pounds. It makes it easier to carry in your car trunk and store it when not in use.

Battery: The battery takes 3 hours to get charged fully and can power your trike for 8-20 miles depending upon weight, input, and terrain. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Portable, reliable and easy to use
  • Very comfortable for adults and easy to hope on
  • Small width helps in getting around tight spots and easy parking
  • Soft and comfortable pedaling
  • External wires
  • No power inhibitors with rear brakes
  • Lacks aluminum in construction
  • Can flip while making sharp turns at a faster speed
  • No beep for reverse throttle.

Our Rating and Verdict

Liberty Trike gives you one of the best trikes to have. It is comfortable, durable, and economical. Hundreds of satisfied liberty trike users would recommend this trike as the best trike. We give it a rating of 9 out of 10.

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